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Restaurant Biancofiore in Bari
Puglia is the sea, the sea is fish, fish... is eaten raw!!!

And it is mainly in this way that we eat it at Restaurant Binacofiore of Daniela and Diego in Bari.

But then what is the "hosts'" professional capacity... you will decide!!!

Simple... in the skilled selection of ingredients... and don't mind if there's not many.

Choosing a fish, rather than another, is not accidental. The fresh ingredients speak and Diego listens...

Certainly raw fish is not for everyone, it takes a certain palate and the right antibodies... it is not simply granted to the first fish without painful consequences. And we have the physique du rôle ... we are from Irpinia!!!

Eating raw might seem rudimental, but it's gourmet cuisine.

Once cooking had a hygienic function, now with modernity, no longer.  Read more>>

Luciano Pignatario

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In a popular blog for wine lovers, Lello Tornatore details how Diego Biancofiore's passion for wine and food was born.

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Daniela and Diego Biancofiore Bari

A proper recognition...

Prize: Puglia is served

For the elegance of the atmosphere, the excellence of the gastronomic proposal and the ability to reconcile warmth with professionalism and quality.

seafood restaurant bari

Guida ai ristoranti di Puglia

Southern roots

The Press Office of Radici Wines writes extensively of us, devoting an entire page to highlight our resourcefulness, prerogative and desire to get involved in a difficult market like the present.

Read what they have to say on the pages of the website Radici Wines.


Where to drink good wine in Bari

Travel blog

Three tips on where to drink good wine in Bari without having to do a whole dinner.

The first place is right downtown, a few dozen metres from Teatro Petruzzelli, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 13. This is the newly opened Restaurant Biancofiore of Diego and Daniela. Read more>>


Excitement at... Biancofiore


Enhancing the products of Puglia, creating revisited and seasonal typical cuisine: we are at Restaurant Biancofiore, a Bari restaurant located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a few metres from the famous Piazza del Ferrarese, one of the gateways to the Borgo Antico (old town). The owner Diego Biancofiore has welcomed guests for a year and a half along with his wife Daniela; inside between the main dining room and the secondary one, diners can watch the chef Giacinto Fanelli grappling with fresh fish, homemade pasta and seasonal vegetables, aided by the skilful Marco Vitulli. A family, Mediterranean atmosphere, with beige and light blue hues enlivened by elegant background music reminiscent of Greece, with the seafront just a few metres away. Diego chooses the best biodynamic and natural wines and, in addition to an à la carte menu that changes every three months, he offers them in combination with seasonal foods including the inevitable daily catch with which Giacinto delights, creating striking daily specials. Read more>>

Pugliami - The paths of flavour

Pugliami is the first magazine dedicated to the paths of flavour of Puglia in Italy and in the world.

Interview with Diego Biancofiore:

We interviewed Diego Biancofiore, owner of the Bari restaurant Bari "Biancofiore", who spoke about his culinary philosophy and the relationship with the land.

Corriere ArteSapori


One of the best restaurants of Bari, recently opened but immediately appreciated for how it tells the story of Puglia cuisine. Diego Biancofiore and his wife Daniela Di Cosmo share a passion for good food, and together they have begun this adventure called "Restaurant Biancofiore". They have created a refined and friendly ambiance, with an atmosphere similar to that of the oldest houses in the area with the dining room's white walls, the floor of "chianche" stone and vaulted ceiling with exposed stone, details that were deliberately modeled after the classic Puglia characteristics.  Read more >> 

716 La Vie

Articolo in lingua francese sul ristorante Biancofiore

Un des coups de coeur du séjour : cuisine exceptionnelle, sérieux des patrons, cadre cosy, prix corrects, sure shot!

Le lieu est superbe, avec de la hauteur sous plafond, c'est un ancien bâtiment qui a été entièrement restauré par le couple, je me demande si ce n'était pas un hangar destiné à entreposer de la marchandise en lien avec le port. Ils nous ont expliqué que ça n'avait pas été facile.

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Natural Wine During

Corato Viva – Article in Italian

Diego Biancofiore, patron of Biancofiore Restaurant, Bari. Enter the restaurant and fluttered with soft colors. If you hesitate to compress the diaphragm to make Pranayama, come here, the effect is the same. You breathe the passion of those inside us.Read more>>

Blog Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Yesterday was Sophie‘s birthday (!) and so we decided that rather than go to one of the restaurants we know and love, we’d try something new. There has been a real renaissance of new restaurants and hotels all over Puglia in the last few years, and we had a few places in Bari on our ‘to do’ list. Biancofiore was at the top. Read More>>

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