Diego and Daniela

Shared love for tradition

diego and daniela restaurant biancofiore bari

We have always shared the dream of creating a restaurant that would offer revisited Puglia cuisine and was, at the same time, a place where our guests could feel welcomed thanks to exclusive hospitality.

This is now a wish come true, thanks to the experience that we have gained together in the restaurant business over the years.

Thus, the shared love for our land and for its culinary tradition and the desire to pass this on to our customers, gave birth to Restaurant Biancofiore.

We will welcome you with courtesy and hospitality, paying particular attention to your needs, helping create pleasant and special moments to spend here.

Our goal is to fill your experience here with unique tastes, proposing products that are always fresh and traditional, accompanied by our professionalism and experience, all while surrounded by a glimpse of Puglia that we have created exclusively for you.

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