À la carte menu

  • Appetisers

    A selection of seafood (16 €)
    Variety of raw and filleted shellfish (according to the daily availability) (20 €)
    Octopus Biancofiore (free interpretation of our chef) (15 €)
    Cod cooked in olive oil with “cicerchie” (special peas) puree and “Crusco” pepper (15 €)
    Smoked mackerel, chicory, fennel cream and crunchy chickpeas (15 €)
    Flan with artichokes, “burratina” (spec. cheese), dried tomatoes and Capocollo Santoro (spec. salami) (15 €)
    Egg “Paolo Parisi”, crispy with sheep’s ricotta and red cabbage soup with truffle fragrance (14 €)
    Foie gras with Moscato di Trani (special sweet wine) with seasonal fruit (20 €)

  • Main courses

    Spaghettone “Regina dei Sibillini” with squill salsa and mullet bottarga (16 €)
    Tubettone (pasta) with grouper, tomatoes, capers and toasted pine nuts (16 €)
    “Capunto” (pasta) with roasted eggplant cream, red prawns from Gallipoli, “ricotta” (cheese) and basil (14 €)
    Risotto “Acquerello” with turnip greens, smoked “burratina” (cheese), tomato “confit” and garlic oil (min. for two) (16 €)
    “Cappellacci” (pasta) stuffed with “burrata” (cheese), cream of pumpkin, sage and crunchy Capocollo (salami)(14 €)
    “Orecchiette” (pasta) with Cardoncelli mushrooms, “cicerchie” (peas) and semi-dry “datterino” (tomato) (12 €)
    Main dish of the day (14 €)

  • Second courses

    Local fish (according to availability) (60 €/Kg)
    Shrimps and prawns (70 €/Kg)
    Local lobster (80 €/Kg)
    Tuna fillet in almond crust with sweet and sour red onion (18 €)
    Anglerfish with pepper “Crusco”, yellow “datterino” (tomato) ketchup and lentils mousse (18 €)
    Slice of amberjack with turnips, tomato cream and black olives (18 €)
    Lamb chops lacquered with honey with Apulian Tarallo panure and saffron flavoured potatoes (18 €)
    Veal (shoulder) l. t. c. with purple potato and baked “sponsali” (onion) (18 €)

  • Dessert and cheese

    Tasting of cheese combined with a variety of jams (12 €)
    Cappuccino biancofiore (7 €)
    Cheesecake with seasonal fruit (7 €)
    “Soffice” (italian dessert) with tangerine and light yogurt cream (7 €)
    Dark chocolate tart with candied orange tartare (7 €)
    Sheep cheese cream with lime, liquorice and crispy wafer (7 €)
    Pastry with almonds, lemon mousse and red fruits (7 €)
    “Cremoso” (italian dessert) with pistachio, chocolate and vanilla custard (7 €)

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