À la carte menu


A selection of raw seafood € 16

Fresh raw fish and shellfish varieties (only daily caught fish) € 20

Grilled octopus with pumpkin, Cardoncelli mushrooms and sprouts € 15

Celeriac soup whith mussels, clams and crunchy turnip € 15

Tempura Cod, creamed Jerusalem artichoke and tangerin gel € 15

Seared scallops with artichokes, "Ricotta" (fresh cheese) and liquorice € 15

Pumpkin cream, "Caprino" (cheese) mousse and toasted almonds € 12

Aubergine, baked "datterino" (special tomato),buffalo "Ricotta" (fresh cheese) and basil € 12

Foie gras with Moscato di Trani (special sweet wine) with seasonal fruit € 20

Main courses

"Cavatelli" (hand made pasta) with red prawns and pistachio from Bronte € 16

"Spaghetti" with spring onion, “Ricotta” (fresh cheese), lime and squill € 16

"Rigatoni" (pasta), green cabbage, tomato and raw little lobster € 16

"Cappellaccio" (pasta) filled with cuttlefish with its ink,squill sauce and roasted almonds € 16

"Risotto" with Cardoncelli mushrooms,truffle scent and buffalo “Ricotta” (min. for two persons) € 16

Chestnut "Ravioli" filled whith “Burrata” (fresh cheese),pumpkin cream and crunchy "Capocollo" € 14

Dish of today, from our € 16

Second courses

 Local fish according to availability € 60/Kg

 Shrimps and prawns € 70/Kg

 Local lobster € 80/Kg

 Tuna fillet in almond crust with sweet and sour red onion € 18

 Red mullet stuffed with onions and green cabbage mousse € 18

 Seared snapper with artichokes, potatoes and fried olives € 18

 Lamb chops, honey, "tarallo", pistachio and saffron potatoes € 18

 Pork cheek c.b.t. with "Primitivo" (wine) and lotus cream € 18

 Dessert and cheese

Tasting of cheese combined with a variety of jams € 12

"Cappuccino biancofiore" € 7

Prickly pear "Semifreddo" (italian dessert) € 7

Mousse whith yoghurt and vanilla, lotus and passion fruit € 7

Hazelnut "delizia" (special dessert) € 7

Lemon mousse with red fruits and crumble € 7

"Croccante" (special dessert) whith almonds and three chocolates € 7


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